Android EditText Remove Underline Programmatically | Hide UnderBar of EditText in Android Studio

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This video is about how to remove underline in EditText in android by java in Android Studio 4.0.

There are three levels of programmer novice, beginners and experts. These videos are useful for android developer tutorial for beginners to learn android development by learn to make android app with understanding of android programming in android studio IDE. Many students find the way to learn android for those Aaviskar Infotech make it easy way of Android learning for beginners by providing android tutorial for beginners with app development tutorials in easy way of understanding with slide and code. So, who wants to become developer learn android.

There are many methods to learn includes problem with solution, practical program, practice session with coding and understanding. For android development there are basic two language java and kotlin. Aaviskar infotech try to cover java tutorial and kotlin tutorial with android studio tutorials in various range of android topics with understanding of meaning of coding.

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